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The Muckrake Political Podcast

Oct 30, 2020

With only a few days remaining in the 2020 Presidential Election, co-hosts Jared Yates Sexton and Nick Hauselman break down the race, discuss the crucial swing states, make their predictions and worry over the possibility of violence and a soft coup. Also, the fate of the Senate hangs in the balance with a slate...

Oct 27, 2020

Nick Hauselman is fresh off his vacation and has been immersing himself in Right Wing media for nearly a week. He joins co-host Jared Yates Sexton to report the fever-dream madness on the Right, the conspiracy theories they're floating, and the psychological toll of consuming these lies.

Oct 23, 2020

Hiding in Plain Sight author Sarah Kendzior joins the podcast to discuss election interference, the inherent danger of a continuing Donald Trump presidency, as well as ways to save the country from ruin and what listeners should be prepared for as we near November.
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Oct 20, 2020

Internal and public polls on both sides of the aisle show Donald Trump hurtling toward a potentially historic loss, but Trump and his cronies are trying every trick in the book, engaging in massive disinformation, and angling to subvert democracy. Jared Yates Sexton discusses what we know about the race and how...

Oct 16, 2020

Author Dr. Mary Trump joins the Muckrake Podcast to discuss her book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created The World's Most Dangerous Man, the dysfunctional beginnings of the authoritarian president, and the threat of rising fascism in the United States.


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